Our Story


Alex began working in the plumbing industry with his father way back in (1990) and has focused his craft on the water industry. Not only a Red Seal & Master Plumber, he is also a certified water specialist through the Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA), the Ministry of the Environment MoE), the Ontario Small Drinking Water System Association (OSDWS) & also certified through Gould Pumps, Grudfos & Franklin Electric as a Key Dealer. Registered with the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) since 1995, Alex has been a big supporter of the trade development program.

In 2016, Alex had a vision to offer professional products to both tradesmen and those who wish to do projects on their own. We offer all types of products & systems to anyone who purchases in store & online. We offer everything from the moment water enters your home to the last flush out of your home! Our new website & store location in Shelburne, ON will officially launched in mid December 2019 and we are only growing from here. Our next opportunity for growth will be to open a store in Guelph & Newmarket in the coming years, as well as increasing our online presence to all customers across Canada. Wherever Canada Post delivers, we can get you the products you need! From the smallest copper fitting to a Triplex Water Conditioning System, we offer everything for your Residential, or Commercial water quality solutions!

Following the strict codes by OCOT regarding what products the general public can purchase & install themselves, Pure Water Canada has a right to uphold the safety standards set by only selling gas & oil fired products to licensed professionals. We offer proper safety standards for all who work with us and work for us in all our locations.