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Waterite 10" Inline with 1/4" FNPT Fittings Coconut Shell Carbon GAC Style Filter Cartridge

This cartridge is used as a polishing filter, commonly used in beverage equipment, reverse osmosis systems, drinking fountains, water coolers, ice machines, refrigerators, coffee makers and other point of use applications. Typically used in the permeate stream of a RO system. Its purpose is to remove/reduce any unexpected odor and/or tastes from the RO permeate and for high quality drinking water needs.


Size: 2" Diameter x 10" Length

    Media: Activated Coconut Shell Carbon 20/50 Mesh
      Maximum Flow: 0.8 GPM (3 L/min.)
        Maximum Pressure: 100 PSI
          Maximum Temperature: 100°F. (38°C.)
            Connections: 1/4" Female Threaded ends
              Model/Part Number: AIC-10 or AIC10