SPREF45 - Water Softener, City Water

SPREF45 - Water Softener, City Water

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Excalibur Water Systems SPREF45

Cash & Carry Pricing, installation & delivery extra

Built in Canada & wet tested for optimal performance right out of the box!  Optimal for in-town or chlorinated water supply into your home or business.  System comes with brine tank.

Requires softener salt (purified white pellets, natural rock pellets or potassium chloride pellets).

Option of a chrome plastic tank wrap or black neoprene jacket with unit.  Subject to availability.  Call or email us for pricing.

Benefits & Features

A combination system that provides water softening, chlorine and chemical removal. Removes clear water iron and softens your water. Simple program set up, then relax. Just add water softening salt!

Softens water, removes iron and eliminates odour
Removes chlorine and volatile organic chemicals
Simple fully programmable electronic water softener that doesn’t waste any water
Self-diagnostic service features
Best efficiency water softener that uses 80% less salt than traditional water softeners
Latest modern design uses as little as 2.5lbs of water softening salt and 17 gallons of water per regeneration
Computerized design to measure exact water usage
Compact one-piece cabinet/twin tank design
Uses 80% less salt than traditional water softeners
Power outage protective cell
Lifetime warranty
12 Volt AC uses less than $3/yr in electricity
Bypass valve

Warranty Information
Excalibur Water Systems guarantees, to the original owner, a LIFETIME period of 20 years, the CONTROL BODY to be free of defects in materials and workmanship and to perform its proper functions. To the original owner, a LIFETIME period of 20 years, the ELECTRONIC CONTROL VALVE as well as all parts to be free of defects in materials and workmanship and to perform their normal functions. To the original owner, the SALT TANK and the MINERAL TANK will not rust, corrode, leak, burst or in any other form fail to perform their proper functions for a LIFETIME period of 20 YEARS. Only on models designated as CHLOR-A-SOFT are guaranteed to the original owner for the LIFETIME period of 20 years to remove chlorine from a municipal water supply and selected volatile organic chemicals (VOC).
Installation/Service/Labour is extra & NOT covered by Excalibur Water Systems.