SUB 4" Tri-Seal® STAINLESS 15 GPM 3-W ¾ HP 1/60/230

SUB 4" Tri-Seal® STAINLESS 15 GPM 3-W ¾ HP 1/60/230

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SandHandler Tri-Seal®

The Standard J-Class SandHandler 4" submersible pump features the new TRI-SEAL® floating stage system. This new stage system improves efficiency and protects against wear when pumping abrasives (sand).

All J-Class SandHandler pumps are unconditionally guaranteed against sand locking in abrasive well conditions for one full year.

For details on how to become a registered dealer and receive a 5-year warranty, contact your local distributor.

- 300 series stainless steel hub floats with the impeller maintaining a positive seal
- Phenolic washer provides down-thrust protection
- Celcon® * impeller provides high efficiency performance and abrasion resistance
- Noryl® * diffuser and disc - proven abrasion resistant material
- Floating stage design allows impeller to float independently
- Removable, spring-loaded check valve
- Maximum water temperature: 120 °F/49 °C
- Ceramic shaft sleeve and rubber discharge bearing protect shaft and eliminate sand wear
- Powered by Franklin Electric corrosion resistant 4" submersible motor

Patented impeller hub seal system seals radially and axially to prevent fluid recirculation. Providing high performance in the harshest conditions.