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Wedeco UV Bulb - 89301

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Ultraviolet Sterilizer Wedeco Replacement Lamp Fits Models - Wedeco/Aquada 2 NLR1845WS replacement UV ultraviolet disinfection lamp fits Wedeco/Aquada water disinfection sterilizers models A2, A4, AP2, AP4, ES2, ES4, M2, M4 and Culligan Aquada 2 and Aquada 4 Series.

Features & Specifications: - Installs in minutes without any tools - One UV Sterilizer Lamp - Ships with replacement 0-ring - 4 Pin lamp with white base - Part Number # 36002017 - Light lifetime: 9000 hours or one year of continuous use

We recommend cleaning the quartz sleeve before installing the new lamp. Do not touch the glass when installing the new lamp.

*Please recycle the old germicidal lamps & sleeves*